Monday, 2 February 2009

finally nearly there

The wheels of No Quarter Imprint are finally in motion! after a few months of uncertainty moving about, and getting settled in new digs and a job, (most importantly having the net again) I can finally commit to getting this thing off the ground. 

First things first- we need some contributors, I am looking for volunteers who have any skills/interest in writing/journalism/features, photographers, designers, artists etc etc, if this intrigues you in anyway please contact me at for more information, please include your full name and a contact number if possible.

Secondly I am currently accepting songs off unsigned acts to compile a free mixtape of sorts, again for more information please contact me/send songs at
I am also interested in receiving links to any mixes that are hosted online.

Hopefully there will be some more news shortly and the full aim and purpose of No Quarter Imprint will be revealed in the upcoming months. 

All the best
Ben Dallas

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

no quarter imprint has a logo

no quarter imprint now has its own logo courtesy of Miss Polly, you should definitely check out her quality art work here, go do it now! in the time you would normally waste browsing facebook out of nothing other than boredom you could be discovering something you really like, support local artists.
also if you've got a spare minute, it would be really cool if you posted this logo as a myspace bulletin along with this address or anything of the sort, even just confuse your mates by posting it on their walls. its nice to have a face of sorts for no quarter imprint, more will be revealed soon, stay tuned!
ben dallas

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

showcase coming soon!

This summer will mark the introduction of no quarter imprint with a showcase, hopefully taking place in the city of Manchester, UK. Keep your eyes and ears open, and keep checking back for details on this event and the no quarter imprint as they emerge, you will not want to miss out!Ben
no quarter imprint